Cross-Promoting Mobile Applications Using WordPress and GoDaddy

Helpful? Then DOWNLOAD and RATE my app!

Helpful? Then DOWNLOAD and RATE my app!

Promoting your app…

If you already have a WordPress blog and are willing to spend a few dollars, it’s super easy to promote your app through your blog. You should note that it’s against WordPress’s Terms and Conditions to advertise on a WordPress blog, but, you should be fine since you aren’t advertising…you are cross promoting your apps simply by showing your brand on pages that you provided (my personal opinion here).

I’ll explain how I did this with my app Panes (like the cross promotion there!)

  1. Create a Blog about your app so that you can help others understand how to code some of the stuff you coded. If it’s well done, developers will visit your blog, read your crap, steal your code, but will also be nice enough to click on your app link
  2. Call to action…ensure that your icon isn’t distracting and then have a call to action like “Helpful? Then download and RATE my app!
  3. Create a Google Site for your app
  4. Stick a reasonably sized image in the Google Site and reference it here
    1. If you want a monster size, 300px by 300px icon image straight from Google Play, then have the image link point to Google Play. If you are more reasonable then point to a smaller image on your Google Site
  5. The href should point to Google Play and not to the website for the app. This is because you already have the audience so don’t add a barrier between them and a download
  6. If you want to make this more useful, ie not have to change the href on every site every time you update the promo product, then get a GoDaddy account, register the cheapest website, and forward to the correct Url.
  7. NOTE: I tried the following and they worked in the WYSIWYG editor while editing the blog post but they didn’t work on the published page – no clue why

Helpful? Then DOWNLOAD and RATE my app!

Helpful? Then DOWNLOAD and RATE my app!

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