Getting More Free Space on WordPress

If your WordPress blog has a lot of images then you may be running out of the free quota that WordPress gives you by default. Rather than buying a premium account for the current rate of $99 a year, just link your images to an image in a public folder on your Google Drive account. This will require a smidge of HTML coding, but very little and anybody can do it so long as you follow the steps below.

Setup a Public Folder in Your Google Drive Folder

  1. Locate your Google Drive folder on your computer (if you haven’t installed it then please Google it) (e.g. C:\Users\MyName\Google Drive\)
  2. Add a subfolder called WordPress (anything will work actually)
  3. Right-click on the new folder -> Google Drive -> Share -> Advanced Settings
  4. Under Who has access? -> Change the option to Public
  5. Under Access -> Can View -> Anyone (no sign-in required)
  6. Accept
  7. Now place whatever images you want into this folder
  8. Right-click on the image -> Google Drive -> View On Web
  9. When the image is showing online, right-click the image-> Copy Image Location.
  10. This image location will be used below.

Start using the images in WordPress

  1. Stop using WordPress t
  2. Click on the HTML Tab next to the Visual Tab
  3. Locate the position where the image should go and past the following

    <img class=” src=”image_location_from_previous_step”/>

  4. Publish the post.

That’s it! You now have expanded your WordPress drive size by many gigs using free space from a Google Drive account.

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