Google App Engine (GAE) Hello World Multiple Servlets

Basically the same as a single servlet but expanding to multiple to demystify a little bit more – make developer change a few things to highlight what each part is doing

If you were following the steps in Hello World with one servlet, then you won’t get a complaint about a server already running on the localhost. If you missed the step explaining how to stop the server then follow the instruction at (site address needed) and stop the previous app. Then try and run the app again


If you go to http://localhost:8888 and there is no webpage here are the possible problems:

  • Not running the server-so start running it. Here’s how to check if it’s running
  • justSomeIndexName.html isn’t added to the web.xml file under <welcome-file>
  • you can see justSomeIndex.html but a servlet’s page isn’t found when clicking on the link in the main page. The problem is likely that the servlet isn’t correctly linked in web.xml or isn’t named correctly or the linke in justSomeIndexName.html isn’t the same as in web.xml

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