Google App Engine: Errors

Unable to update app: Error posting to URL

Problem Description

While using the Eclipse IDE and the Google App Engine Plugin for Eclipse, you select Deploy to App Engine and get an error similar to:

The App Id you selected, spragucm-spragucm, does not exist. Go to to view existing App Ids or create a new App Id.

Unable to update app: Error posting to URL:
404 Not Found
This application does not exist (app_id=u’spragucm-spragucm’).

Problem 1: Typo

The most obvious problem is that you may have mistyped the projectId. To solve this:

  1. Sign into your developers account on
  2. You should see the DashBoard for all projects. If not, select the dropdown at the top of the screen -> Select Manage All Projects
  3. Locate the Project Name -> Copy the Project Id that is to the right of the project
  4. Return to Eclipse -> Right-click on the project -> Google -> App Engine Settings -> Paste the Project Id from above into the Application Id field under Deployment
  5. Verify that the project has updated the Project Id by selecting the war folder -> WEB-INF -> Open appengine-web.xml -> locate the application block and it will have the Project Id if everything updated

Problem 2: No Project Id

  1. You are not using a projectId from Google App Engine
  2. You are not signed into your Google account in Eclipse
  3. You are signed in to a Google account in Eclipse but it is not the account that holds the project with the projectId that you are using


  1. You mistyped the projectId

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